Driven by Inspiration, Inspired by Self

I am such a kind of person who:

  • Does not prefer being like a SOLID - So rigid that it's difficult for others to deform.
  • Does not like being like a LIQUID - Getting moulded according to the surroundings.
  • Hates being like a GAS - Always free to flow without any limits.

I prefer being like FIRE - Harsh enough to burn everything that comes in my way and Soft enough to eliminate the darkness by giving light, being in my limits.

For me capabilities are much superior to eligibilities.

I don't like replacements. I like making a new place for myself instead.

My Thinking goes beyond my Understanding and my Understanding goes beyond my Thinking. My curious mind inspires me to learn new things and gain knowledge. Here's what keeps going on in my curious mind.

My PAST doesn't know me as I have changed since then.
My PRESENT doesn't know me as I dare to change.
My FUTURE can't know me as we haven't come across each other yet.

Have heard of a Quote:
The whole world sets aside, for the person who knows, where he is going.

I know where I wanna go. Still, I don't expect this from the world. I like making my own ways to reach my destination.

What do I do?

I am currently working as a web developer in a web design and development company. Apart from just programming and creating some cool looking websites (like others do), I love taking initiatives in learning and implementing new techniques and following the latest trends and techniques in the web development industry.

My Passions

  • Defense:
    Yes, sounds a bit weird as everyone in this world is interested in winning the ratrace. I am a big admirer of defense services and related technologies and would have loved to be a part of it.
  • Music:
    Music, in my life has played a very vital role by being a firm support when I needed it the most during the hard phases of my life. I started off with playing keyboard in the year 1996. Since then I have been practising it and have learned playing various instruments like Bongo, Guitar, Harmonium and Mouth Organ. I am willing to form a Band that will experiment on Fusion music. Contact me if you are interested.

My Activities

  • Photography: Digital Photography and Videography
  • Music: Audio Editing, Ringtone Composing, Singing
  • Stargazing: Have been a part of sky observation programmes and feels great to have experienced them.
  • Web Development: Discovering new techniques related to web programming and implementing them.
  • Doing things that inspire me to learn something new.