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How did the months of Gregorian Calendar get their names?

The Origins of English naming used by the Gregorian calendar is as described:

  • January : Janus (Roman god of gates, doorways, beginnings and endings).
  • February : Februus (Etruscan god of death) Februarius (mensis) (Latin for "month of purification (rituals)" it is said to be a Sabine word, the last month of ancient pre-450 BC Roman calendar). It is related to fever.
  • March : Mars (Roman god of war)
  • April : "Modern scholars associate the name with an ancient root meaning 'other', i.e the second month of a year beginning in March."
  • May : Maia Maiestas (Roman goddess)
  • June : Juno (Roman goddess, wife of Jupiter)
  • July : Julius Caesar (Roman dictator) (month was formerly named Quintilis, the fifth month of the calendar of Romulus)
  • August : Augustus (first Roman emperor) (month was formerly named Sextilis, the sixth month of Romulus)
  • September : septem (Latin for seven, the seventh month of Romulus)
  • October : octo (Latin for eight, the eighth month of Romulus)
  • November : novem (Latin for nine, the ninth month of Romulus)
  • December : decem (Latin for ten, the tenth month of Romulus)

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