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Why should one sit on the ground and eat?

With the change in lifestyle and emerging trend, people these days have made themselves used to having their meal on dining tables. According to the ancient Indian culture, people preferred having their meals sitting on the house flooring either on a mat or a mattress.

When having meal on a dining table, the plate comes at the chest level of the person having the meal. Hence, the person has to just bend his neck slightly to consume food. On the other hand, a person has to bend significantly when having meal sitting on the floor. Due to this, the stomach gets pressed. After consuming food, the person becomes straight again. This cycle helps the movement of the abdominal muscles. The constant movement of abdominal muscles causes the secretion of digestive juices which in turn assists the consumed food become softer and facilitates the process of digestion. It is not the case when one has food while sitting on a table.

Another advantage of this is even if we accidentally drop the food, the food falls in the plate and not on the body. This reduces the spoiling of the clothes. Contrary to this, a person sitting on the table has to keep a napkin on the lap.

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