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Table Etiquettes

Today many people visit restaurants not only for social get-together, informal celebrations, but the number of corporate meetings being arranged has subsequently increased by a great extent. At the same time, while attending such meetings, it is recommended to follow few of the following etiquettes.

  • Before sitting on the chair, pull the chair behind without making noise and then sit in a comfortable posture. When communicating with others, always wear your smile.
  • After sitting, pick the napkin from the table and keep it on your lap.
  • Instead of spreading your hands over the table, prefer keeping them bent on your elbows.
  • When ordering a dish, tell the complete name of the dish to the waiter. Also tell him how you would prefer that dish.
  • While having food, spoon should be held with your right hand and fork with your left hand.
  • Wait for the dish to be served completely. Only then start eating. This will help you to analyze whether you have to place another order or not.
  • Sit straight while eating. But prefer to bend slightly while having soups. This avoids the risk of food getting dropped on your body.
  • Take care not to make noise of the cutlery when you pick something from your dish.
  • Don't talk when food is in your mouth.
  • When communicating with others, speak on a topic with which they are comfortable.
  • After your meal is over, say "Please excuse" addressing others, put back the napkin on the table, gently slide the chair back without making noise and then leave.
  • After your meal is over, keep the cutlery crossed in your plate. This indicates that your meal is over and your dish is ready to be collected by the waiter.

By following these simple and important etiquettes, you can definitely have a tastier meal. Happy dining!!!

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